Complete Notes of Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078 to 2079

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Gorkhapatra Newspaper is one of the oldest Newspaper in Nepal. It is run by Nepal’s National media house Gorkhapatra Sansthan and Operate by the Government of Nepal.

Gorkhapatra is the first weekly magazine in Nepal. The publication of Gorkhapatra started during the time of Rana Prime Minister Dev Shamsher. May 6, 1901 AD (Baisakh 24, 1958 BS) is the date of gorkhapatra publication. Pandit Naradev Pandey was first editor of gorkhapatra.

Gorkhapatra Loksewa Study Materials are published in Gorkhapatra Magazine every Wednesday to be useful in all types of examinations in Nepal including Public Service Commission, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and Many More.

The Loksewa Gorkhapatra study material published on Wednesday contains Gorkhapatra GK & Gorkhapatra subjective questions & answers.

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The study material published in Gorkhapatra magazine is known as Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar. The gorkhapatra GK question and answer published in Gorkhapatra is presented by Tank KC, a famous author in the field of public service and the Gorkhapatra Subjective loksewa study material is presented by Hem Chandra Sharma.

Download Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar PDF

We are going to share with you the PDF downlink of Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar published in Gorkhapatra magazine from 2078 BS to till now.  If you are interested to download gorkhapatra loksewa 2078 notes then you can easily download by clicking on the link given below.

loksewa gorkhapatra 2078 to 2079

S.N.Published DateDownload Link
1.Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar 2078-01-01Download
2.Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar 2078-01-08Download
3.Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar 2078-01-15Download
4.Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar 2078-01-29Download
5.Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar 2078-02-05Download
6.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-02-12Download
7.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-02-19Download
8.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-02-26Download
9.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-03-02Download
10.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-03-09Download
11.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-03-16Download
12.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-03-23Download
13.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-03-30Download
14.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-04-06Download
15.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-04-13Download
16.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-04-20Download
17.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-04-27Download
18.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-05-02Download
19.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-05-09Download
20.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-05-16Download
21.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-05-30Download
22.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-06-06Download
23.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-06-20Download
24.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-06-27Download
25.Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material 2078-07-10Download
26.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-07-17Download
27.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-07-24Download
28.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-08-01Download
29.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-08-08Download
30.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-08-15Download
31.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-08-22Download
32.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-09-07Download
33.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-09-14Download
34.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-09-21Download
35.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-09-28Download
36.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-10-05Download
37.Gorkhapatra Wednesday pdf 2078-10-12Download
38.Gorkhapatra Wednesday 2078-10-19Download
39.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-10-26Download
40.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-11-04Download
41.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-11-11Download
42.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-11-18Download
43.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-11-25Download
44.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-12-02Download
45.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-12-09Download
46.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-12-16Download
47.Gorkhapatra Wednesday 2078-12-23Download
48.Gorkhapatra Loksewa pdf 2078-12-30Download
49.Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar 2079-01-07Coming Soon
50.Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar 2079-01-14Coming Soon

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You may have downloaded the Gorkhapatra wednesday Loksewa content by clicking on the link above. We hope and believe that Gorkhapatra loksewa material will help you in the examination conducted by the Public Service Commission.

Students who are preparing for the kharidarNayab SubbaSection Officer and many other types of loksewa aayog exams are eagerly waiting to receive the Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar to be published in Gorkhapatra. Subjective questions and answers published in Gorkhapatra help to improve the writing style of the students. All Current affairs Incidents are getting from Gorkhapatra Wednesday.

How Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material help people to prepare loksewa exam ?

The following is how the Gorkhapatra loksewa material published in Gorkhapatra is helping the students who are preparing for the public service exam.

  • Gorkhapatra loksewa provides important general knowledge and written materials that can be asked in all types of exams.
  • Student who preparing public service or other types exam can get Information about the latest incident & news in the country and abroad from gorkhapatra loksewa.
  • Gorkhapatra loksewa help to improve the writing style of the students who are preparing loksewa exam.
  • Students also get tips on how to write in the exam, how much to write, how to manage time from Gorkhapatra loksewa material.

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