Dividend History of Garima Bikas Bank Limited(GBBL)

Hello Friends, If you are looking for Dividend History of Garima Bikas Bank  then you have come in right place. In this article, We are going to share with you Garima Bikash Bank Dividend History of Nepal.

Garima Bikas Bank Limited (GBBL) is a leading development bank in Nepal that was established in Shrawan 22, 2064 B.S. The head office of the Garima Bikash Bank Limited is located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Garima Bikash Bank is listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange share market and is a publicly traded company and Bank has branches in various locations throughout the country.

Dividend History of Garima Bikash Bank

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Dividend History of Garima Bikas Bank Limited

In the table below, We are going to share with you the Dividend History of Garima Bikas Bank since fiscal year 2067/068 to 077/78 . We hope & believe that you will get a lot of information from Garima Bikash Bank Dividend History.

Dividend History of Garima Bikas Bank

S.NFiscal YearCash DividendBonus ShareTotal DividendRight Share

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All the commercial banks, development banks, finance company & Microfinance companies of Nepal including Garima Bikash Bank, operate their banking services under the direct guidance and regulation of Nepal Rastra Bank.

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