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 Karnali Pradesh ANM Sample Questions

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Download Karnali Pradesh ANM Sample Questions 2079 in PDF

Now we are going to share with you the Karnali Pradesh ANM Model Questions pdf . If you are interested, you can easily download Karnali Pradesh ANM Sample Questions in PDF by clicking on the link given below.

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Karnali Pradesh ANM Sample Questions (First paper)

  1. Which gas stimulates the respiratory centre in the absence of any pathological (disease)
    a) Carbon monoxide
    b) Oxygen
    c) Nitrogen
    d) Carbon dioxide
  2. Pick out the organs related to gastro-intestinal tract from the following list.
    A. mouth
    B. nose
    C. stomach
    D. liver
    E. intestine
    F. gall bladder
    a) A, B, C
    b) A, C, E,
    c) B, C, D
    d) B, D, E
  3. Which cranial nerve is responsible for hearing and balance in our body?
    a) Olfactory nerve (CN I)
    b) Facial nerve (CN VII)
    c) Vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII)
    d) Vagus nerve (CN X)
  4. Intramuscular injection is given most commonly in which of the following muscles?
    a) Gastronemius and quadriceps muscles
    b) Flexor muscles in forearm
    c) Deltoid and gluteus maximus muscles
    d) Abdominal muscles
  5. Nurse must take universal precautions while dealing the patient with infectious disease to
    prevent cross infection. The universal precaution includes:
    a) Wearing gown.
    b) Wearing double gloves, gown and boots.
    c) Wearing gaggles, and cap.
    d) Wearing gown, gloves, gaggles, mask and boot.
  6. How do you instruct a patient to collect the mid stream urine for culture and sensitivity test?
    a) Void in urinal and take small amount of urine from urinal.
    b) Void in cammod and take small amount of urine from cammod.
    c) Take urine once he/she start urination.
    d) Take urine in between the urination.
  7. You have 1 gm of Ceftriaxone in vial. You have to dissolve that medicine in 10ml of water for
    injection. The doctor order to give 750mg Ceftriaxone to a patient. How much medicine you
    should give to that patient?
    a) 5.5 ml
    b) 6.5 ml
    c) 7.5 ml
    d) 8.5 ml
  8. What is the antidote of organo-phosphorus poisoning?
    a) Atropine
    b) Adrenaline
    c) Charcoal
    d) Dexona
  9. The main and most effective method of prevention of HIV transmission is………….
    a) Sharing needle
    b) Having sexual relationship with many partner
    c) Constant and consistent use on condom
    d) Transfusion of unscreened blood
  10. All of the following are growth monitoring tools of children except…
    a) Weight
    b) Height
    c) MUAC
    d) Abdominal circumference
  11. Pick out the correct matching
    a) Four ANC visit – 4, 6, 8 and 9 months
    b) Female pelvis – android pelvis
    c) Male pelvis – gynaecoid pelvis
    d) All are correct matching
  12. If you are posted in labour room, then you should keep in mind about the danger sign of
    mother in fourth stage of labour is:
    a) P/V bleeding more than 2 pads socked in 30 mins.
    b) Suddenly loss of consciousness
    c) Complain severe abdominal pain
    d) All of the above
  13. Which hormones are responsible for the proliferation phase of menstruation cycle?
    a) Oestrogen hormone + progesterone
    b) Luteinizing and estrogen hormone
    c) Progesterone and Luteinizing hormone
    d) Follicle – stimulating hormone (FHS) and estrogen.
  14. Tab. Misoprostol is commonly used to prevent and manage PPH, it can be used through:
    a) Sublingual
    b) Vaginal
    c) Both a & b
    d) Intra rectally
  15. The principle of the treatment of protein energy malnutrition (PEM) are all except:
    a) Provision of adequate diet
    b) Treatment of underlying health problems
    c) Health education on proper nutrition
    d) Give excessive protein food irrespective of age.
  16. Choose the correct temporary hormonal method of FP from given list below
    A. Depoprovera
    B. IUCD
    C. Norplant
    D. Condom
    E. Pills
    a) A, B, C
    b) B, C, D
    c) A, C, E,
    d) C, D, E
  17. PMTCT is done during pregnancy to reduce the risk of which disease?
    a) Syphilis
    b) Hepatitis B
    c) HIV/AIDS
    d) Hepatitis C
  18. The method of determining what is being accomplished according to set performance and
    applying corrective measures if necessary is known as…………
    a) supervision
    b) controlling
    c) surveillance
    d) disciplinary action
  19. The condition related to democratic leadership include which of the following?
    a) He draws ideas and suggestions from his subordinates by discussion, consultation
    and participation.
    b) He doesn’t like to seek others suggestion and advice.
    c) The leader delegates all his authority so that subordinates themselves take decision.
    d) He entrusts the decision making authority to his subordinates.
  20. The main objectives of front line health workers is…………….
    a) Manage the health system
    b) Prepare health policy and program for the country
    c) Provide direct patients care in hospital and community
    d) Advocate for national and international conference

Karnali Pradesh ANM Sample Questions (Second paper: Short answer questions)
Attempt any six questions from following, each question carry five marks. 6 × 5 = 30

  1. A 24 years male patient has burn on both legs after petrol explosion following fall from
    motorcycle. Explain the emergency management of this burn patient with special
    consideration of fluid and electrolyte balance.
  2. Write the nursing care of patients having IV infusion and fracture .
  3. Explain the physiology of urine formation.
  4. Explain the management of acute respiratory infection of 6 months baby according to
    community based integrated management of childhood illness.
  5. Rita is 20 years old and come to ANC clinic for first antenatal check up. Her last
    menstrual period (LMP) is 2078/02/15. Calculate weeks of gestation and expected date of
    delivery (EDD). What care and education you will provide for Rita in her first ANC
  6. You are conducting delivery of 28 years second gravid mother. She has normal delivery
    just now but the newborn baby is not crying. What actions/steps/ you will do immediately
    do including immediate care of new born baby.
  7. Your main responsibility is recording and reporting through IHMIS. Explain the process
    of record and report of IHMIS including the register no of antennal and delivery record.

Download Karnali Pradesh ANM Syllabus 2078 in PDF

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Karnali Province ANM Syllabus

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