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Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Sample Questions

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Download Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Sample Questions 2079 in PDF

Now we are going to share with you the Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Sample Questions . If you are interested, you can easily download the Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Model Questions 2078 in PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Hare, Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Sample Questions is given below in Text Format also. you can interested then read below.

First Paper

  1. A patient may have many problems. We should prioritize the problems during …………. Step of nursing process.
    a. Assessment
    b. Planning
    c. Implementation
    d. Evaluation
  2. If a patient has burn on legs, what is the immediate first aid action?
    a. Soak the burn part with running water
    b. Apply any paste
    c. Apply CS cream
    d. cover the burn part as infection may occur
  3. Please choose the correct matching from following regarding angle to needle insertion for for different types of injections.
    A. Intradermal 1. 15o
    B. Intravenous 2. 30o
    C. Subcutaneous 3. 45o
    D. Intramuscular 4. 90o
    a. A-1, B – 3, C – 4, D – 2
    b. A-2, B – 3, C – 1, D – 4
    c. A-1, B – 2, C – 3, D – 4
    d. A-4, B – 3, C – 1, D – 2
  4. Furosemide (Lasix) is often used to treat hypertension. The reason for furosemide administration is:
    a. It blocks the sympathetic stimulation of the heart
    b. It inhibits reabsorption of sodium and water in the kidney tubule and thus controls blood volume.
    c. It helps in reabsorption of sodium and excretion of potassium (K+)
    d. It dilates peripheral blood vessels.
  5. A person with 50 kg has 30% burn on face, chest and abdomen and come to emergency. The patient needs IV fluid for resuscitation. What is the amount of IV fluid needed for that patient over 24 hours?
    a. 2000 ml
    b. 4000 ml
    c. 6000 ml
    d. 8000 ml
  6. What is the primary responsibility of a nurse during a patient’s generalized tonic clonic seizure?
    a. Determining if an aura was experienced.
    b. Administering the prescribed SOS anti-convulsants.
    c. Clearing the immediate environment for safety.
    d. Inserting a plastic airway in between the teeth.
  7. You have dissolved 1 gm of Vancomycin in 10ml of water for injection. You have to give 750 mg. How much medicine you should draw in syringe?
    a. 5.5 ml
    b. 6.5 ml
    c. 7.5 ml
    d. 8.5 ml
  8. You have started blood transfusion to a patient. The patient complains of itching and headache. What is your first immediate action?
    a. Counsel the patient that this is normal phenomena and will resolve after some time.
    b. Flush the IV site with normal saline and continue the blood transfusion.
    c. Call the doctor.
    d. Stop the blood immediately, start normal saline and notify the doctor
  9. What is the best management for child with bronchial asthma during acute attack?
    a. Give high flow oxygen
    b. Counseling for rest
    c. Give bronchodilator through inhaler
    d. Keep in ventilator
  10. Pick out the correct one
    a. Biologically complete protein – Egg
    b. Essential amino acids – 10
    c. End product of carbohydrate metabolism – Amino acid
    d. Energy giving food – Protein
  11. After BCG vaccination, mother should instruct following points except…..
    a. Do not put oil and water at injection site.
    b. There may be small pustule after 1 – 2 weeks after vaccination.
    c. Do not do anything if there is small pustule.
    d. The pustule must be incised and drained and put antibiotic.
  12. What is the main point to be considered while caring the patient with chest tube drainage for pnuemothorax?
    a. Keep the drainage bag above the chest.
    b. Empty the drainage bag complete on daily basis.
    c. Check the drainage bag regularly for the presence of air bubbles while coughing.
    d. Remove the tube if patient complain pain.
  13. According to history of Rama, menstrual cycle was regular in every 30 days. Her last menstruation was on Bhadra 1, 2078. What is her expected date of delivery?
    a. Baisakh 8, 2079
    b. Jestha 8, 2079
    c. Chaitra 8, 2078
    d. Shrawan 15, 2079
  14. The latent phase (early) contractions are usually every 5-20 minute, lasting 20- 40 second and mild intensity and cervix dilates from ……….. cm.
    a. 0 -4 cm
    b. 1- 6 cm
    c. 6- 8 cm
    d. None of the above
  15. Choose the correct sequence of active management of third stage of labour from the list given below:
    a. Uterine massage, Give 10 Unit oxytocin IM, Controlled Cord Traction
    b. Give 10 Unit oxytocin IM, Controlled Cord Traction, Uterine massage
    c. Controlled Cord Traction, Uterine massage, Give 10 Unit oxytocin IM
    d. Uterine massage, Controlled Cord Traction Give 10 Unit oxytocin IM
  16. Pick the best of management of mother having PPH from the following list…….
    A. Active management of third stage of labour
    B. Empty the bladder
    C. Give misoprostol
    D. Allow breast feeding
    E. Withhold the fluid to decrease the amount of bleeding.
    F. Ambulate to enhance involution
    a. A and C only
    b. B, D, E
    c. A, B, C, D, F
    d. all of the above
  17. According to IMCI, what is the choice of IV fluid as per plan C for management of severe dehydration?
    a. Normal saline
    b. Ringer lactate
    c. Dextrose normal saline
    d. 5% Dextrose
  18. False perception without any external stimulus is:
    a. Hallucination
    b. Delusion
    c. Illusion
    d. Mania
  19. The following are the job description of nurse in primary health centre except…
    a. Give vaccination to children according to their age.
    b. Conduct the government campaign on different activities as nutrition supplementation, dewarming, polio etc.
    c. Manage the treatment of simple problems
    d. Do major surgery by using anesthesia as there is no other health personnel.
  20. While making interpersonal or inter-organizational conflict resolution, there is emphasis on consensus and takes an integrative approach to decision making in
    a. Loose-loose approach
    b. Loose-win approach
    c. Win-win approach
    d. Confrontation approac

Second paper: Short answer questions
Attempt any six questions from following, each question carry five marks 6 × 5 = 30

  1. Explain the steps of instrument processing from cleaning to sterilization.
  2. Explain the mechanism of respiration.
  3. List the cardinal sign of rheumatic fever in children and write primary prevention of rheumatic hear disease.
  4. What is otitis media? Write sign and symptoms and management of otits media in children.
  5. Write the importance and activities of school health nursing in Nepalese context.
  6. A 28 years primi mother come to hospital at 39 weeks of gestation with severe pain and regular contraction, what assessment and management you will do for this mother?
  7. You are incharge of emergency of one provincial hospital and need to prepare for disaster management. One day 70 accident victim came to emergency at a time. How do you manage this condition, explain with disaster management cycle.

Download Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Syllabus 2078 in PDF

Above, You can read Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Sample Question. Now we are going to share with you the Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Syllabus. If you are interested, you can easily download the Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Syllabus 2078 in PDF by clicking on the link given below.

Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Syllabus

Karnali Pradesh Staff Nurse Syllabus 2078 in PDF

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