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New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2079/80: The government has announced a monthly increase of 15 percent with effect from 1 Shrawan. Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has announced an increase in salary through the budget statement for the fiscal year 2079/80.

you are looking salary scale of government employee in Nepal then you came in right path. In this article, We are share with you following type of government employee salary scale in Nepal.

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 207980 New Talab Scale 2079

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2079/80 – (Nijamati Employee)

Hare, We are going to share New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2079/80 | Talab Scale 2079 Nijamati Employees in given below in chart. in this chart, We provide This year’s and previous year’s Nepal government salary scale.

S.N.PositionNew Salary Scale 2079Previous Salary Scale 2078
1.Chief Secretary7721167,140
3.Joint Secretary5678749,380
4.Under secretary4873742,380
5.Section Officer (Adhikrit salary in Nepal)4368937,990
6.Nayab Subba salary in Nepal3473030,200
7.kharidar salary in Nepal3290228,610
8.Office Helper2761224,010

See Hare, Nijamati employee salary in Nepal image format.

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2079/80 New Talab Scale 2079

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2079/80 – (Nepal Police Salary)

Hello Friends, In this chart we are going to provide you Nepal Police Salary Scale 2079 or Nepal Police Salary List 2079.

S.N.Post/RankSalary Scale 2079
1.Police Assistant24,702/-
2.Police Constable26,082/-
3.Assistant Head Constable26,554/-
4.Police Head Constable27,612/-
5.Senior Head Constable28,520/-
6.Assistant Sub Inspector of Police32,856/-
7.Sub Inspector of Police34,730/-
8.Senior Sub Inspector of Police40,998/-
9.Police Inspector43689/-
10.Deputy Superintendent of Police48,737/-
11.Superintendent of Police52,279/-
12.Senior Superintendent of Police56,787/-
13.Deputy Inspector General of Police60,950/-
14.Additional Inspector General of Police72,082
15.Inspector General of Police72,082/-

See Hare, Nepal Police Salary Scale 2079 in image format.

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2079-80 New Talab Scale 2079 Nepal Police Salary Scale 2079

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2079/80 – (Nepal Army Salary)

In this chart, we are going to provide you Nepal Army Salary Scale 2079 in detail.

Chart – Nepal Army Salary in Nepal

Rank / PositionBasic Salary ScaleNo. of GradeGrade RateTotal Salary (Grade Included)
प्रधानसेनापती (COAS General)77211/-2574/-82,359/-
रथी (Lieutenant General)74221/-2474/-79,169/-
उप रथी (Major General)72,082/-22403/-76,888/-
सहायक रथी (Brigadier General)60950/-52032/-71,110/-
महासेनानी (Colonel)56787/-51893/-66,252/-
प्रमुख सेनानी (Lieutenant Colonel)52279/-61743/-62,737/-
सेनानी (Major)48,737/-81625/- 61,737/-
सह-सेनानी (Captain)47208/-61574/-56,652/-
उप सेनानी (Lieutenant)45103/-61503/-54,121/-
सहायक सेनानी (Second Lieutenant)43689/-43689/-
मानार्थ सह-सेनानी (Honorable Captain)43275/-43275/-
मानार्थ उप सेनानी (Honorable Lieutenant)42389/-42389/-
प्रमुख सुवेदार (Subedar Major)40998/-31367/-45,099/-
सुवेदार (Warrant Officer First Class)34,730/-71158/-42,836/-
जमदार (Warrant Officer Second Class)32,856/-61095/-39,426/-
हुद्दा (Sergeant)28520/-6951/-34,226/-
अमल्दार (Corporal)27,612/-7920/-34,052/-
प्यूठ (Lance Corporal)26,634/-8888/-33,738/-
सिपाही (Private)26,082/-8869/-33,034/-

New Talab Scale 2079 – Health Worker

Hi Guys, In below chart, We are going to share New Salary Scale of Health Workers in Nepal. See below chart and read this…

S.N.LevelStarting SalaryNo. Of GradeGrade RateTotal (Grade Inculuded)
1.अधिकृत बाह्रौं72,0822240376,888
2.अधिकृत एघारौं60,4903201666,538
3.अधिकृत दशौं56,7874189364,359
4.अधिकृत नवौं52,4174174759,405
5.अधिकृत आठौं48,7374162555,237
6.अधिकृत सातौँ45,8515152853,491
7.अधिकृत छैठौँ43,6895145650,969
8.वरिष्ठ पाँचौ37,7435125844,033
9.सहायक पाँचौ34,7306115841,678
10.सहायक चौथौ32,9027109740,581
11.सहायक तेश्रो27,612792034,052
12.सहायक दोश्रो26,082786932,165
13.सहायक प्रथम24,7021082332,932

New talab scale 2079 of Health Workers in Nepal

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2079/80- (Government Teacher Salary)

Hello Friends, In this chart we are going to provide you Primary Level, Lower Secondary Level and Secondary Level Teacher Salary in Nepal.

Chart – Teacher salary scale in Nepal 2079

S.No.Position / LevelBasic Salary ScaleNumber of GradeGrade RateTotal Salary (Grade Include)
1.Secondary First Class56,787/-61893/-68,145/-
2.Secondary Second Class48,737/-81625/-61,737/-
3.Secondary Third Class43,689/-81456/-55,337/-
4.Lower Secondary First Class45,862/-81529/-58,094/-
5.Lower Secondary Second Class43,689/-81456/-55,337/-
6.Lower Secondary Third Class34,730/-81158/-43,994/-
7.Primary SLC Passed First Class43,689/-81456/-55,337/-
8.Primary SLC Passed Second Class34,730/-81158/-43,994/-
9.Primary SLC Passed Third Class32,902/-61097/-39,484/-
10.SLC failed upto 2 subjects27,612/-6920/-33,132/-
11.SLC failed in more than 2 subjects26,082/-6869/-31,296/-

See, Salary scale of government school teacher in Nepal in Image Format.

Government School Teacher salary in Nepal

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