TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level 2079 PDF: Hello Friends, If you are searching for tsc secondary level curriculum 2078 in pdf downloadable format then you came in right path.

In this article, We will share the following curriculum in the PDF format. In which, you can easily download and read syllabus of tsc secondary level for various post & position in the examination of open, internal & inclusive competition.

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The Teachers Service Commission of Nepal is an Government bodies established under the Constitution of Nepal to manage human resources within the education sector.

TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level

TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level First Paper

The first phase examination of all subjects of secondary level of the Teacher Service Commission will be of 100 marks in which a total of 50 multiple choice objective questions will be asked. Each question will be of 2 marks. Time will be 1 hour.

In the first stage examination, Questions will be asked from general knowledge, Basic knowledge about education, Information and communication technology, Intellectual test, Constitution, laws and regulations related to education etc.

looking for tsc secondary level first paper syllabus. Hare, We will share with you TSC Secondary Level objective Curriculum PDF. If you interested then Download Syllabus of Secondary Level first paper by clicking given below link.

SectionSubject AreaMarksNumber of Questions
क.General Knowledge4020
ख.Basic knowledge about education2412
ग.Intellectual test168
घ.Information and communication technology105
ङ.Constitution, laws and regulations related to education105

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TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level 2079 PDF

In this section, We are going to share TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level all subject . You can easily download and read tsc secondary level curriculum 2079 to get success in the teacher service commission examination of open, internal & inclusive competition.

Interested to download tsc secondary level syllabus then Click given below link.

Syllabus of TSC Secondary Level 2079

S.N.SubjectDownload Link
1.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level NepaliDownload
2.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level EnglishDownload
3.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level ScienceDownload
4.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level MathematicsDownload
5.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level Social StudiesDownload
6.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level PhysicsDownload
7.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level ChemistryDownload
8.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level BiologyDownload
9.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level EconomicsDownload
10.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level Computer ScienceDownload
11.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level AccountDownload
12.TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level Health and Physical EducationDownload

The download link of TSC Curriculum of Secondary Level of Nepali, English, Mathematics, Social studies & Science subject is provided above. We hope this course will help you to get succeed in the teacher service commission exam.

Passing any government job exam is not easy but not impossible. If you understand the subject well and prepare, you can definitely pass the exam.

In our country Nepal, from time to time, the Teachers Service Commission opens advertisements to fill the vacancies in permanent teachers.

If you want to succeed in the teacher service exam, make a routine and study for 5/6 hours a day, you will definitely succeed in the exam.

If you are preparing for any other exam including public service, teacher service in Nepal, then in the first part of the exam, most of the general knowledge is asked. If you want to strengthen your general knowledge preparation, you can study by downloading the PDF file by visiting the link given below.

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