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Hello Friends, Gandaki Pradesh Public Service Commission has published the new syllabus of 4th level on its website. If you are looking for the Gandaki Pradesh Loksewa 4th level Syllabus to crack the civil service exam then you have come to the right place.

In this post, We will share with all of you the Syllabus of Gandaki Pradesh 4th Level published by PSC Gandaki Pradesh. you can easily download Gandaki Pradesh Loksewa 4th level Syllabus in PDF format.

Gandaki Pradesh Loksewa 4th level Syllabus

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Gandaki Pradesh Loksewa 4th level Syllabus

Now We are going to share Gandaki Pradesh Loksewa 4th level Syllabus for various post. If you are interested then, you can easily download the PDF format of the Syllabus of Gandaki Pradesh 4th Level according to your interest by clicking on the link below.

क्र.संपदप्रथम पत्रद्वितीय पत्र
1.सहायक चौथो वा सो सरह (कानून, सा.प्र., लेखा)DownloadDownload
2.सहायक महिला विकास निरीक्षकDownloadDownload
3.सहायक कम्प्युटर अपरेटरDownload
5.ल्याव असिष्टेन्टDownload
8.खा.पा.स.टे. (सिभिल स्यानिटरी)Download
9.नायब प्राविधिक सहायकDownload
10.ना.प्रा.स./ ना.प.स्वा.प्रा./ना.प.से.प्रा (फिसरिज/भेटेरिनरी/ला.पो.एण्ड डे.डे.)Download
11.असिष्टेन्ट सव-इन्जिनियर (सिभिल)Download

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Above, We will share with you Gandaki Pradesh Loksewa 4th level Syllabus such as Lab Assistant, Assistant Sub Engineer Civil, AMIN, AHW, ANM, Sahayak Mahila Bikash Nirikshak, Sahayak Computer Operator etc.

We also hope and believe that the Syllabus of Gandaki Pradesh 4th Level 2079 will help you to achieve success for the level Which you are preparing for.

Passing any government job exam is not easy but not impossible. If you understand the subject well and prepare, you can definitely pass the exam.

If you want to succeed in the Lok Sewa exam, make a daily routine and study hard for minimum 7 to 8 hours a day, You will definitely succeed in the exam.

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